Casitas Municipal Water District: Securing Water Reliability With a Multi-faceted Approach

Conservation is a cornerstone of our water management strategy and will continue to serve as such. In order to secure a more reliable water future going forward, a diverse approach to water management is necessary.


Casitas Municipal Water District is currently working to develop a multi-faceted Comprehensive Water Resources Plan to identify water sources, strengthen infrastructure and conserve existing resources.

Crafting Solutions for Future Water Reliability Today

The Comprehensive Water Resources Plan will proactively innovate and develop thoughtful solutions to maintain a safe and reliable water supply for today and future generations.


We will investigate all potentially feasible options to maximize efficient use of local water supplies and access new water sources, factoring in careful examination of costs, technical challenges, environmental impacts, permitting requirements and community feedback.

Your Participation is Key to Developing a Reliable Water Source for the Future

With the community’s help, a plan will be developed and circulated for public comment. Our team will then review community feedback, address key points raised and refine recommendations before preparing the final Comprehensive Water Resources Plan.


But first, we want to hear from you! Get involved by providing your input and suggestions on the water supply options available to the Casitas community.


Email us your comments and input at hello@casitaswaterplan.com and attend our upcoming public meetings to learn more and provide direct feedback.